Keishoukan Dojo - Taiho Jitsu Minnesota

Welcome to the Keishoukan Dojo
Your place for top martial arts training in the
Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota Metro Area

The Keishoukan Dojo is located just minutes away from both Minneapolis and St. Paul in New Brighton Minnesota.

Morihei Ueshiba (The founder of Aikido) said do not abandon the warrior arts of the past. Absorb venerable traditions of the old ways into this Art by clothing them with fresh garments, and building on the classic styles to create better forms.

In order to defend against realistic attacks from all ranges and at all levels one must get past the dogma of individual arts and take a best practices approach.

The Keishoukan Dojo maintains the martial traditions of the past while utilizing the best training methods of today. We provide professional, quality instruction in Taiho JItsu (Control Tactics)